Organizational Hierarchy

Organizational Hierarchy

The Resourcely organizational hiearchy is compromized of Company > Organization(s) > Group(s) > Reviewer(s)


A Company is used to identify your tenant install of Resourcely and may show up for logged-in users within the company in custom modules. A Company is comprised of a variety of Organizations.


An Organization is used to define different parts of your company, for example, Development and Security can be 2 different organizations within the same company. Each Organization is composed of a variety of Groups.


A Group is a set of stakeholders for guardrails that can be looped in during changes. Groups contain the following fields:

  • Name

  • Contact Info (Email)

  • Organization it belongs to

  • List of Reviewers


A reviewer is a person who will be set to review a Pull Request (PR). Resourcely automatically assigns a reviewer defined in a group to review an infrastructure resource before it is provisioned.


Each organization can consist of various teams, relevant for functions like RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) or determining notification recipients. For simplicity, your team name can initially mirror the group name. Choose any format that suits your organization, such as "Product", "Sales", etc.

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