Configuring Global Contexts

Creating, Editing, and Managing Global Contexts

Global Contexts are context-prompting questionnaires used to gather data from developers before provisioning a resource. Global Contexts are designed to gather and store insightful data related to the resource that will be generated.

You can see your current Global Context by clicking on the Global Context tab in Resourcely's navigation menu:

Editing a Global Context Questionnaire

In order to edit a Global Context Questionaire, click on the questionnaire you would like to edit to see a popup with details. Within the popup, you can press the Manage button and select Update.

Then you can configure the context information and press Continue to proceed.

You can now apply the Global Context to available blueprints and categories and press the Update button to confirm the change.

Creating a Global Context Questionnaire

Resourcely allows you to add your own Global Context questionnaire. The questionnaire can be created with any of the following types:

  • Multiple Choice

  • Single Choice

  • Text Field

From the Global Context screen, click on the Create a Global Context button and select the type of Context you would like to create.

Now you must configure the context information for the Context type you selected. The context information includes:

  • Accessor

  • Context label

  • Options

After filling out the context information, press the Continue button to proceed.

Now you can apply the newly created Global Context to the available categories and blueprints. Press the Save button to commit the changes.

Now your newly created Global Context can be seen in the Global Context catalog and will be applied to new blueprints you create.

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