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Resourcely helps businesses create secure-by-default infrastructure resources and prevents security misconfiguration in the cloud

What is Resourcely?

Resourcely is your paved road to secure, efficient, and easy-to-manage cloud infrastructure. We take a proactive approach to preventing security breaches caused by misconfiguration and enhancing developer productivity.

In modern software development, developers have to focus not only on developing the application logic, but also on creating, configuring, and maintaining the underlying infrastructure. This not only slows down development but increases user error which can lead to security breaches caused by misconfiguration.

Resourcely is a paved road for infrastructure, meaning it guides you through creating secure and compliant cloud infrastructure without the need to understand the vast amount of configuration options. With Resourcely you can:

  • Leverage secure-by-default resource templates to prevent misconfiguration from the start

  • Block resource provision requests that don't adhere to configured guardrails

  • Make infrastructure management easy, allowing developers to focus more on development and less on cloud complexity

  • Track the creators and statuses of resource pull requests from one interface, reducing context switching and supporting audit requirements

Schedule a live demo to see Resourcely in action and learn how it can help you secure and manage your cloud infrastructure today!

Getting Started

We've put together some helpful guides to get set up with Resourcely quickly and easily. Get to know Resourcely terminology, configure the required prerequisites, onboard your organization, and learn the Resourcely end-to-end workflow.

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You can learn more about Resourcely and our mission by visiting us at resourcely.io.

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