Terraform Cloud VCS Integration

Setting up Terraform Cloud VCS Integration

Terraform Cloud allows you to manage Terraform runs in a consistent and reliable environment instead of on your local machine.

Resourcely supports all Terraform Cloud pricing tiers. For more information see the Terraform Pricing page.

Resourcely leverages Terraform Cloud in order to:

  • Use Terraform in a consistent and reliable environment

  • Easily access shared state and secret data

  • Run Terraform within a repository using CI/CD

If you don't currently have a Terraform Cloud account, you can set one up using the following tutorial:

Once you have access to Terraform Cloud you must configure as stated below.

Configuring Terraform Cloud for Resourcely

Once you have a Terraform Cloud account you must configure it for use with Resourcely by performing the following:

  • Adding External Cloud Provider Credentials

  • Creating a new Workspace

  • Generating a Team Token

Adding External Cloud Provider Credentials

In order to provision resources using Resourcely, you must have permission to actually generate cloud resources using Terraform. This requires access to a cloud provider such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or Microsoft Azure.

You can create a credential variable set by going through the following guide:

Creating a new Workspace (Version Control Integration)

Workspaces determine how Terraform Cloud organizes infrastructure. A workspace contains your Terraform configuration (infrastructure as code), shared variable values, your current and historical Terraform state, and run logs.

You must create a Version control workflow that stores your Terraform configuration in your git repos and triggers run based on pull requests and merges. See the following documentation to learn more:

Adding the Version control workflow will enable Terraform plans to run whenever a code change is made within a branch. Resourcely will use that plan in order to validate guardrails before the infrastructure can be provisioned.

Generating Team API Token

Team API tokens are used by services, for example, a CI/CD pipeline, to perform plans and apply them on a workspace. Resourcely uses the token in order to verify the Terraform plan.

See the following documentation to learn how to generate a Team API Token:

An organization token is not valid and cannot be used to access a terraform plan which will cause a plan detection error when using the Resourcely CI/CD Job.

Be sure to save your token in a safe place, you will need to refer to it when setting up the Resourcely CI/CD job.

The team token you generate should have access to the workspace you will be using with Resourcely.

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