Provisioning Infrastructure

Create and manage cloud infrastructure with Resourcely

Now let's get started with using a Blueprint in order to provision infrastructure. We can see the blueprints we have available to us by clicking on the Blueprints tab in Resourcely's navigation menu.

Click on the blueprint that you would like to use to learn more and then press the use to create resource button to get started.

In the next screen, we must fill out the required information such as:

  • Repository Configuration

  • Context

  • General Settings

You can select which environment you will be deploying your infrastructure to (e.g. staging, prod, etc.) Environments are directories that contain different Terraform input variables. Press the Configure environments button to configure or create your own environments as needed

After filling out the required items scroll down to the General Settings.

Then we add a name to the resource. We can see that a guardrail is an in-effect that prevents buckets without resourcely- at the beginning of the name from being created. This guardrail can be removed by pressing the lock icon and then clicking the Proceed button.

If a guardrail is ignored upon creation, the Resoucely CICD job will require a review by the appropriate reviewers before a Resource generation PR of that nature can be merged

After configuring your resource, press the Continue button to proceed

After doing so, press the Continue button to proceed

If you wish to separate a resource definition into multiple files, you can highlight the section you wish to move and press the Add selection to another destination button.

Now we can review and confirm the Pull Request before we generate it. We must add a Title, and a Description, and verify the information is correct. Then we can proceed by pressing the Open pull request to publish resource button.

Now you will see the Pull Request you created at the top of the screen.

You can view your Pull Request in the Source Code Management (SCM) you configured by pressing the View PR button. Resourcely will then validate your PR,

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