🌨️Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Resourcely supports the configuration of all generally available AWS services. Use Resourcely to:

Make it easy to deploy complex AWS services with Resourcely blueprints

  • Create templates for paved roads to production on AWS

  • Customize your blueprints, choosing which parameters you give access to

  • Give guidance and context to developers

Create guardrails that keep your AWS deployments safe

  • Prevent disaster by restricting unsafe settings

  • Avoid unauthorized access, accidental deletion, data exposure, and more

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Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

Managed databases for custom environments

Amazon EC2

Scalable virtual computing environment

Amazon EBS

Block-level storage volumes for EC2

Amazon ECS

Highly scalable and fast container service

Amazon CloudWatch

Monitoring and observability service

Amazon S3

Secure and durable object storage

Amazon Step Functions

Serverless orchestration for applications

Amazon VPC

Isolated virtual network for AWS resources


Protect web applications from common web exploits

Amazon API Gateway

Build deploy and manage APIs

Amazon AppFlow

Fully managed integration service

Amazon AppStream 2.0

Stream desktop applications to any device

Amazon Athena

Interactive query service for S3 data

Amazon CloudFormation

Infrastructure as code service

Amazon CloudFront

Fast content delivery network

Amazon CloudSearch

Managed search service

Amazon CloudTrail

Tracks user activity and API usage

Amazon CodeBuild

Fully managed build service

Amazon CodeCommit

Secure, scalable, and highly available code repository

Amazon CodeDeploy

Deployment service for applications

Amazon CodePipeline

Continuous delivery service

Amazon Cognito

User identity and app data synchronization

Amazon Connect

Cloud-based contact center service

Amazon DetectiveAnalyze

investigateAnd quickly identify the root cause of potential security issues

Amazon DevOps Guru

Fully managed operations service

Amazon DocumentDB

Fully managed document database service

Amazon DynamoDB

Fast and flexible NoSQL database

Amazon EFS

Fully managed file system for EC2

Amazon EKS

Managed Kubernetes service for containerized applications

Amazon Elasticsearch Service

Managed Elasticsearch service

Amazon EMR

Managed Hadoop framework on AWS

Amazon EMR Serverless

Serverless Apache Spark and Apache Hive

Amazon EventBridge

Serverless event bus service

Amazon Forecast

Fully managed time series forecasting service

Amazon Fraud Detector

Detect more online fraud faster

Amazon FSx

Fully managed third-party file systems

Amazon GuardDuty

Intelligent threat detection service

Amazon InspectorAutomated security assessment service

Automated security assessment service

Amazon Kendra

Intelligent search service

Amazon Kinesis

Real-time data streaming service

Amazon Lightsail

Easy-to-use virtual private servers

Amazon Lookout

Metrics Anomaly detection service

Amazon Managed Blockchain

Managed blockchain network

Amazon Managed Grafana

Fully managed Grafana for observability

Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus

Fully managed Prometheus for monitoring

Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka

Fully managed Apache Kafka service

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Crowdsourced human intelligence tasks

Amazon MQ

Managed message broker service

Amazon MSK

Fully managed Apache Kafka service

Amazon Neptune

Fully managed graph database service

Amazon OpenSearch Service

Managed OpenSearch service

Amazon Pinpoint

Personalized email, SMS, and push notifications

Amazon Polly

Text-to-speech service

Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB)

Fully managed ledger database

Amazon QuickSight

Fast and easy-to-use business intelligence service

Amazon Redshift

Fast and powerful data warehousing service

Amazon Rekognition

Computer vision service

Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels

Build custom computer vision models

Amazon Route 53

Scalable and highly available Domain Name System (DNS) service

Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller

Resilient application routing

Amazon SageMaker

Build, train, and deploy machine learning models

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

Email sending and receiving service

Amazon Simple Workflow Service (SWF)

Build, run, and scale background jobs

Amazon SimpleDB

Flexible NoSQL database service

Amazon SNS

Fully managed pub/sub messaging service

Amazon SQS

Fully managed message queuing service

Amazon Timestream

Fully managed time series database service

AWS Amplify

Full-stack development framework for building cloud-powered applications

AWS App Runner

Fully managed container service

AWS AppConfig

Feature management for any application

AWS Application Migration Service

Migrate applications to the cloud

AWS AppSync

Managed GraphQL service

AWS Artifact

On-demand access to AWS compliance reports

AWS Backup

Centralized backup service

AWS Batch

Fully managed batch processing service

AWS Cloud9

Cloud-based IDE for writing runningAnd debugging code


Hardware-based key storage for regulatory compliance

AWS CloudShell

Fully browser-based shell access to your AWS resources

AWS CloudTrail

Track user activity and API usage

AWS CodeArtifact

Secure, scalable, and cost-effective artifact management

AWS CodeBuild

Fully managed continuous integration service

AWS CodeCommit

Secure, scalable, and highly available code repository

AWS CodeDeploy

Automate code deployments to any instance

AWS CodePipeline

Continuous delivery service

AWS CodeStar

Unified interface to develop, build, and deploy applications

AWS Compute Optimizer

Identify optimal AWS resources for your workloads

AWS Config

Track resource changes and compliance

AWS Control Tower

Set up and govern a secure, compliant multi-account AWS environment

AWS Cost Explorer

Analyze your AWS costs and usage

AWS Data Exchange

Find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud

AWS Data Pipeline

Orchestrate data movement and transformation

AWS Data Transfer

Move data in and out of AWS

AWS Database Migration Service

Migrate databases to AWS

AWS DataSync

Online data transfer service

AWS DeepComposer

Compose music with machine learning

AWS DeepLens

Deep learning-enabled video camera

AWS DeepRacer

Autonomous 1/18th scale race car

AWS Device Farm

Test Android, iOS, and web apps on real devices

AWS Direct Connect

Dedicated network connection to AWS

AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry

Secure, production-ready, open-source distribution with reliable performance

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Deploy and scale web applications

AWS Fault Injection Simulator

Safely validate application resiliency

AWS Firewall Manager

Central management of firewall rules

AWS Global Accelerator

Improve global application availability and performance

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Securely manage access to AWS services and resources

AWS IoT Core

Secure, bi-directional communication for Internet of Things

AWS Key Management Service (KMS)

Managed creation and control of encryption keys

AWS Lake Formation

Quickly build and secure data lakes

AWS Lambda

Serverless compute service for event-driven applications

AWS Marketplace

Digital catalog with thousands of software listings

AWS Migration Hub

Track and monitor application migrations

AWS Network Firewall

Managed network security service

AWS OpsWorks

Configuration management service

AWS Panorama

Bring computer vision to on-premises devices

AWS ParallelCluster

Open-source cluster management tool

AWS Proton

Automated application delivery service

AWS RoboMaker

Develop, test, and deploy robotics applications

AWS Secrets Manager

Rotate, manage, and retrieve secrets

AWS Security Hub

Comprehensive view of your AWS security posture

AWS Shield

Managed Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection

AWS Snow Family

Physical devices for data migration and edge computing

AWS Storage Gateway

Hybrid cloud storage service

AWS Systems Manager

Manage infrastructure at scale

AWS Trusted Advisor

Optimize performance and security

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