Blueprints are configurable templates used to provision cloud infrastructure resources. Blueprints allow you to:

  • Define which options are available for properties of your resource(s).

  • Apply guardrails to your resource(s) to prevent misconfiguration.

  • Define what information to collect from your developers before resource provision.

Once a blueprint has been configured for use it becomes available in the Resourcely service catalog. Resourcely provides 2 different types of blueprints, Resourcely Blueprints, and External Modules.

Resourcely Blueprints

Resourcely Blueprints are the recommended way to create a guided secure-by-default cloud infrastructure resource template.

Resourcely blueprints are built-in cloud infrastructure resource templates that are secure and compliant by design.

These blueprints allow you to create a variety of different types of resources with the click of a button. The blueprints can be sorted by the following criteria:

  • Provider - The cloud provider (Amazon, Azure, Google, etc.)

  • Category - The type of resource (VM, Storage Bucket, VPC, etc.)

  • Keyword - A word that relates to a resource (ec2, database, firewall, etc.)

External Modules

If you don't see the resource you need in Resourcely's built-in blueprints, you can supply an external module. External modules allow you to start from an existing Terraform module and manually set up the shape of your new blueprint.

You can import an external module from:

Note: Authentication is required for private repositories.

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