Editing Guardrails

Edit guardrails that govern how cloud resources are created and changed

Resourcely allows you to edit the available guardrails seen in the Guardrail catalog. From the Guardrail section, select the guardrail you would like to edit, in the popup press the Manage button and select Edit

You can also Deactivate, Clone, and Delete a guardrail from the same menu

In the next screen, you can configure your guardrail functionality. This determines what changes Resourcely will watch and potentially block.

In this example, we edit the S3 naming convention guardrail which requires a specific prefix in the name of an S3 bucket. We can configure the prefix from the default resourcely- to anything we wish. We can also select the Group responsible for approving guardrail overrides.

After your guardrail has been configured, press Continue to proceed.

Now we must provide the metadata for a guardrail in order to effectively describe the change. Guardrail metadata includes:

  • Name

  • Description

  • Category

After the metadata has been filled, press the Continue button to proceed.

In this section, we can verify the changes and then press the Update Guardrail button to publish your guardrail and make it immediately available to your end users.

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