Pull Requests

Pull Requests (PRs)

Pull Requests (PRs) are requests to commit a change from one Git branch to another. They allow you to keep track of changes, configure reviewers, set up acceptance criteria for merging, and much more.

Note: In GitLab terminology, a Pull Request (PR) is called a Merge Request (MR). Resourcely uses the term "Pull Request (PR)" for both GitLab and GitHub.

You can create and manage infrastructure PRs directly from Resourcely. Resourcely tracks the following data related to the generated PR:

  • Pull Request Title

  • Status

  • Blueprint

  • Provider

  • Last Updated On

  • Created By

When a new PR is generated, Resourcely examines the changes being made and prevents the PR from being merged if it violates any of the guardrail requirements.

Config Root

In Resourcely a Config Root is a separate directory (with separate Terraform variables) within your repository used to define a deployment. Before creating a pull request, Resourcely allows you to select which config root you will be deploying to.

Config roots are managed using the Configuring Resourcely.yaml

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