🤓Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Resourcely supports the configuration of all generally available GCP services. Use Resourcely to:

Make it easy to deploy complex GCP services with Resourcely blueprints

  • Create templates for paved roads to production on GCP

  • Customize your blueprints, choosing which parameters you give access to

  • Give guidance and context to developers

Create guardrails that keep your GCP deployments safe

  • Prevent disaster by restricting unsafe settings

  • Avoid unauthorized access, accidental deletion, data exposure, and more

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Google Compute Engine

Virtual machines running in Google's data center

Google Cloud Storage

Objet storage that's secure, scalable, and durable

Google BigQuery

Data warehouse managed service

Google Kubernetes Engine

Managed environment for running containerized apps

Google Cloud SQL

Relational database service for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server

Google Cloud CDN

Content delivery network for delivering web and video

Google App Engine

Serverless application framework for apps and back ends

Google Firestore

Cloud-native document database

Google Cloud Build

Solutions for running build steps in a Docker container

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