Source Code Management (SCM) Setup

In order to integrate Resourcely with Gitlab, you must have a Premium or greater tier subscription that is not part of a free trial. See Gitlab pricing for more information.

Note: Only the Gitlab SaaS offering is supported. We will provide support for Self-Managed Gitlab instances in the near future.

Once you have configured your GitHub account, the following is required:

  • Gitlab Top-Level Group

  • Gitlab Group Access Token

Gitlab Top-Level Group

In Gitlab, groups are used to manage one or more related projects simultaneously. In order to configure Resourcely you must have the Maintainer or Owner role within the group. You can search for your group by the Search or go to button in the Gitlab side tab.

To learn more about Groups, see the following documentation:

Gitlab Group Access Token

Gitlab group access tokens allow you to use a single token to perform actions for groups and manage the projects within the group.

Before a group access token can be created, you must enable Group Access Tokens within your Group. See the following documentation to learn more about Group Access Tokens:

Once you have enabled group access tokens, you can create one from the Settings > Access Tokens section within the Group side tab. You must create one with the following permissions:

  • Role: Developer Role

  • Scope: api

See the following documentation to learn more about creating Group Access Tokens:

Once the Gitlab setup has been completed, you must integrate Terraform into the project you will be using for resource provisioning. Learn more in the Terraform Integration section.

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