Global Context and Values

Global Contexts

Global Contexts are context-prompting questionnaires used to gather data from developers before provisioning a resource. Global Contexts are designed to gather and store insightful data related to the resource that will be generated. Some examples include:

  • What type of data will be stored in this infrastructure?

  • In which environment(s) will this infrastructure be deployed?

  • What application is this infrastructure associated with?

  • What is the email address of the person/team responsible for this infrastructure?

You can create your own Global Contexts and apply them to your Blueprint(s) so that they must be filled out before infrastructure is provisioned. Global Contexts can be defined with the following properties:

  • Single Choice

  • Multiple Choice

  • Text Field

Global Values

Global Values allow admins to define custom drop-downs for customizing terraform infrastructure resource properties before they are provisioned.

You can create and update various collections of Global Values and apply them to your Blueprint(s).

After publishing a collection, the global values will become read-only to avoid breaking existing references to Blueprints.

Global Values Collections contain the following properties:

  • Key: Unique key used to reference the collection

  • Type: The type of data the collection will store. The following data types can be used:

    • Text

    • Number

    • List

    • Object

  • Name: Name of the collection

  • Description: Description of the collection

Once a collection has been created, you can add values with the following properties:

  • Key: Unique key used to reference the option within the collection.

  • Label: Label shown to developers in the dropdown field of the pull-request form.

  • Value: Value to be applied to the generated Terraform.

  • Description: Description of the option.

Once Global Values have been created, they can be applied when creating a resource provision request from a Blueprint.

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